Community Update Feb 2019


Hello once again from the Block Logic Team.

Have you ever had one of those months where you felt like you accomplished a whole lot but you didn’t have much to show for it? This pretty much summed up February for the Block Logic development team. We have all been nose to the grindstone, hard at work on initiatives contributing directly to or supporting the delivery of our first application Blockfiniti.

Unfortunately though, we are not in a position to announce anything just yet. That being said we can give you some insights as to what we have been working on these past few weeks;

  1. A completely new website with enhanced content and graphics that better aligns with what we are about and provides an improved user experience. This website is almost completed and will be released shortly.
  2. Continued, front and back end application development of Blockfiniti, particularly focusing on user accounts, security and wallet integration.
  3. Testing and development of our own IPFS datanodes with custom IPNS and DNS to support the public edition of Blockfiniti.
  4. Conducted research on the best hosted cloud for our platform. After many hours of testing what is available we have ended up with a combination of cloud hosters, picking and choosing the best, most secure and cost effective solution for our needs.
  5. Updating the BLTG wallet with new graphics and bug fixes. This, once again, it not far away from being released.
  6. Final changes to the full length whitepaper. Draft to be released in a few days.
  7. Setting up a YouTube channel to showcase BLTG.
  8. The inaugural monthly Masterminds of Blockchain live discussion. Looking ahead to March, it should be a big month for Block Logic.

A number of February activities should come to fruition enabling us to make announcements and releases.

The BLTG Team