Community Update Apr 2019

BLTG Token Burn

In efforts to adjust to the current market conditions, the Block-Logic committee team gathered today to discuss BLTG’s economical standings compared to current market.

  •  Current Satoshi price 
  • Masternode value & payout yield
  • Amount of coins locked 
  • Amount of coin supply (also known as money supply)

BLTG's Financial experts find that Bitcoin is pushing out of its Trough faze and soon will be entering its recovery faze. Though from BTC’s low price of $3,200 on December 17th, 2018, it has currently gone up to $5,300, an estimated 65%. We find that once BTC hits between $6,000 & $6,400, it will then officially enter the recovery faze. Therefore, in efforts to maintain BLTG’s money value, the committee has approved the burning of 500 thousand BLTG’s to reduce coin supply, with a monthly review for future extra coin burning.

Coin Burn

Wallet transaction


Balance before


Balance after

We also find that this current increase of BTC is also partially due to the approximation of BTC’s scheduled halving, which is estimated to be in May 2020, as well as its increasing popularity and mass adoption around the world. Example: countries that have extreme inflation and economical difficulties. Finally, Block-Logic will also be considering the selling of BLTG’s at an OTC price, when funding is needed for special tasks such as marketing, exchange listings or technology development, using any of our preferred exchanges as a type of escrow. This will benefit the buyer so they don’t buy too expensive when accumulating and will also benefit the seller by not needing to sell at a price to low.

This coin burn makes sure that the coins are erased from the blockchain therefore reducing our total supply, the transaction ID can be checked below.


The committee really appreciates the Community’s support for the information and opinions shared up to now and others to come. We are proud to see how solid and organically BLTG has grown and are excited about the amazing potential it provides. Prosper, secure, safe and solid accumulation everyone.

Truly yours,

The BLTG Team