The Team.

RicardoDirector - Core-Team
Ricardo is a successful entrepreneur running multiple businesses in the Retail and Service industry. Originally from Portugal and now living in England, he has been a BTC miner since 2014, Ethereum miner since 2017 and Masternode investor since 2017. Self-taught in IT and programming, Ric brings a wealth of business knowledge to the development of our core products, including Point-of-Sale (POS) and e-commerce. As a core team member, Ric has been instrumental in the development of the new wallet/codebase, community development and is leading the integration of the IPFS system with the DDB.

“As a miner of BTC since 2014, I look forward to being a part of a project that will help shape and define the use of this technology in business and e-commerce today and in the future.”

ChrisDirector - Core-Team
Chris has over 20 years of experience developing and delivering comprehensive web solutions. Residing in the City of Brotherly Love – Philadelphia, Chris brings extensive knowledge and experience in networking, network security, database integration and web development to the project. Chris brings extensive Blockchain knowledge including wallet development, codebase maintenance and wallet integration. As a core team member, Chris has been instrumental in the development of the new codebase/wallet, the creation of the IPFS/DDB network and development of all the BLTG products.

“I want to use my skills to create a successful Blockchain project to bring the potential of this technology to a broader market.”

RalfDirector - Core-Team
Ralf brings over 30 years of management experience in banking, financing, leadership, entrepreneurship and startups. Ralf is a highly experienced and educated as banker, financial consultant and financial planner. Located in Thailand, he has established connections with crypto investors and influencers throughout the region over the past 2 years as a crypto trader and masternode holder. As a core team member, Ralf has played vital roles in creating the organization structure, founding the BLTG Ambassador program and is now leading community expansion activities for the community.

“I like to think big. I totally believe in the power of thoughts and the law of attraction.”

IgorDirector - Core-Team
Igor is a technical director and diagnostician with BMW. Located in the Ukraine, Igor has over a decade of technical, marketing and management experience. Igor is a successful entrepreneur and brings extensive business and partner strategy, social media management and crisis management skills to the project. Igor has been a crypto trader and masternode holder for the past year, and gives the project invaluable insight into the eastern European markets. As a core team member, Igor is responsible for marketing and social media development, product development and testing, and overall business strategy.

“The technology behind Blockchain ensures the integrity of data for analysis. By further developing this technology we will make businesses and governments more efficient, profitable and honest.”

Hanjun Director - Core-Team
Hanjun is an experienced Blockchain marketing professional and community developer. Residing in South Korea, Hanjun brings practical and experienced Blockchain business development strategy to the community. Hanjun has lead a number of successful marketing and community development engagements in the Blockchain space. As a core team member, Hanjun is developing the POS system for use in S. Korea and Asia, is managing the Asian social media and community, and provides business strategy and support.

“Successful community engagement is critical to creating and sustaining Blockchain projects. The BLTG community is strong and ever growing.”

YongrimDirector - Core-Team
Yongrim brings over 20 years of IT and operations experience to the project. Based in South Korea, Yongrim worked for the South Korean Department of Defense for 20 years as an operational analyst. Now as the CEO of a successful software company, Yongrim provides comprehensive and professional business operations strategy and development to the project. He provides critical contacts and business development into the important South Korean and Asian crypto markets. As a core team member, Yongrim is developing a POS system to be used in S. Korea and ASIA, provides business and marketing strategy, and product development expertise.

“As an operations analyst and software developer, I understand the potential and many advantages of Blockchain technology, and I know future business will adopt it.”