Block-Logic’s Dev Team vision for 2019!

Hello from the Block-Logic Development Team, firstly we would like to acknowledge all the support we have been receiving from the community and BLTG holders whether long timers or new. Many have been assisting in furthering the BLTG brand in their part of the world and raising awareness of what we are about. A big thank you to all of you, we appreciate it!

So, what is in store for Block-Logic in 2019?

As we said in our last post, 2018 was a hard year. Looking back, it was a roller coaster ride. That being said, the latter half of 2018 set the foundation for a big year of activity for the Block-Logic team and whilst there will still be ongoing effort required to further enhance and add to some of our 2018 accomplishments our focus is firmly on 2019.

Here is a list of the major achievements during 2018;

2018 Q3

  • Initial product conception
  • Re-brand from Bitcoin lightning
  • PIVX Codebase Wallet development and testing

2018 Q4

  • Ecosystem design
  • Infrastructure design
  • Token swap to new PIVX codebase
  • New Block-Logic corporate identity
  • Blockfiniti concept, prototype and Proof of Concept

Looking ahead, we have some major initiatives planned for this year that will help define Block-Logic’s position in the utility token market. Some highlights are below.

First product Blockfiniti will be released to market along with Block-Pay. Both projects will be initially available with basic functionally and then as the year progress new features will be added. The lite paper will be extended to a full business whitepaper, we will also release the BLTG mobile wallet on both Android and iOS platforms. The marketing strategy will kick off, and watch out for announcement on our Datanodes.

For a roadmap view, here are the Development Team’s plans for 2019:

2019 Q1

  • New website launch
  • Desktop wallet rebranding
  • Start development of Blockfiniti
  • Start development of Blockfiniti API framework
  • Blockfiniti demo made available to community

2019 Q2

  • Start development of Mobile BLTG wallet
  • Ecosystem refinement
  • Blockfiniti product sheet release
  • Marketing campaign
  • Blockfiniti launch
  • Start development of BLTG Datanodes
  • Continue Blockfiniti development and scaling
  • Establishment of Support desk for BLTG’s consumer products
  • Android BLTG Wallet released

2019 Q3

  • Add static website hosting to Blockfiniti
  • Start initial project specification for BLTG’s second product Blockfiniti Pro
  • Create POC of Blockfiniti Pro
  • First production deployment of Datanodes
  • iOS BLTG Wallet released

2019 Q4

  • Start development of Blockfiniti integration with third parties (including A.I. services)
  • Start development of Blockfiniti Pro
  • Official release of Datanodes

All of us here at Block-Logic are excited about what 2019 has in store. Many cryptocurrencies and utility tokens serve no real purpose or end up only supporting other projects by means of exchanges or other services. We have a clear plan, great team and achievable goals. One of the things we pride ourselves on is being agile, therefore as the year progresses, we will be providing updates on our milestones and any changes in direction. If you would like to discuss this further with us, head over to our discord or reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, and Email.


Block Logic Technology Group Ltd. are not licensed finance professionals. We cannot guarantee that any service or product in this document will reach consumer release status. Please speak to your financial adviser and do your own research when considering any venture in cryptocurrencies or utility tokens.