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Our newest version of the white paper.

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formerly Bitcoin-Lightning

As of July 2018, Block-Logic Technology Group and the token BLTG has been created from the Bitcoin-Lightning project. After a community-wide vote, it was decided that the project should be managed by community members rather than the original developers. The name was changed to avoid confusion with other similarly named projects and to better represent the vision and goals of the new project.

The process to swap your Bitcoin Lightning BLTG (“old-BLTG”) to the new BLTG (“NEW-BLTG”) will take place on October 22, 2018.  Please read more about the swap below and follow one or more social media channels for the start date and complete instructions.

*Block-Logic accepts no resposibility for the Bitcoin-Lightning project. By Swapping to the new BLTG token you understand and accept this. You have the choice to not swap and continue with the Bitcoin-Lightning project.

This is a brand new day for BLTG, old and new. Onwards and Upwards!

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Block-Logic Technology Group is made up of a strong community of successful business entrepreneurs and blockchain developers who are dedicated to bringing the many advantages and efficiencies of blockchain technology to small and medium sized organizations throughout the world.  


The Group is constructing the Block-Logic Network, a distributed SQL database and storage platform utilizing the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).  Both the storage and the database will be secured and accessed using the masternode cryptocurrency BLTG.


The project, formerly known as Bitcoin Lighting, will be swapping to a new codebase in September of 2018.  The new codebase will provide the project with the ability to create industry standard interfaces/APIs making it easier for any type of business to begin taking advantage of these technologies.

The Block-Logic Technology Group has Core Developers Around the World


BLTG-America has started the BLTG-Ambassador program. Ambassadors will work to educate organizations about blockchain technologies and BLTG solutions.

Philadelphia | Miami 


Introducing Block-Pay transaction solutions to popular e-commerce platforms throughout Europe by creating industry standard interfaces/APIs.

England | Spain | Ukraine


Point-of-Sale terminal and ATM style payment kiosks for face-to-face transactions are being explored for retailers throughout S. Korea and Thailand.

Korea | Thailand


Creating and designing content for the first BLTG proof of concept system featuring beautiful imagery and textual descriptions of famous places, things and events.




Advanced Cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency built from a strong codebase with the speed and capability to secure a global decentralized network.

$BLTG Cryptocurrency

$BLTG will be used to gain access to and secure the Block-Logic Network, a global decentralized immutable network with advanced decentralized database and data storage facilities that leverages the power of blockchain and the power of the InterPlanetary File System. (IPFS).

Decentralized IPFS Storage

A global network offering decentralized-immutable storage and geographic access efficiency with multi-node redundancy.

Storage Features

Any company wishing to empower their organization with a decentralized, multi-node, immutable data storage will be able to quickly create an account and setup a file repository.  This makes moving from centralized to decentralized storage as easy as re-configuring network connections.

Decentralized Database

A decentralized-immutable SQL transactional and document-storage databases with industry standard interfaces/APIs.

Database Features

A comprehensive  SQL database system  with industry standard interfaces that support popular protocols such as PostgreSQL.  The database will be made available as a service to any company wishing to empower their organization with a decentralized, multi-node, immutable database.


Offering an industry standard interface/API allowing e-commerce and retail locations the ability to accept any cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

Block-Pay Applied

Block-Pay will enable e-commerce and retail merchants to accept payments in any cryptocurrency using Point-of-Sale terminals and industry standard interfaces/APIs for popular platforms such as WooCommerce for Word-Press. 


Offering an Industry standard interface/API allowing user-to-business and business-to-business transactions with any cryptocurrency for the payments of bills and invoices.

Block-Purchase Applied

Block-Purchase provides industry standard interfaces/APIs to allow user-to-business and business-to-business payment of bills and invoices using any cryptocurrency. 


Offering an industry standard interface/API to major and independent game developers to accept, pay and manage wagers utilizing any cryptocurrency.

Block-Play Applied

Block-Play provides industry standard interfaces/APIs allowing casinos, sports betting, fantasy sports and e-sports organizations to accept, manage and pay wagers using any cryptocurrency. 

The Block-Logic Mission

Our Mission is to establish:
– Block-Logic Technology Group as a leading blockchain technology solution organization,
– the $BLTG currency as a predominant cryptocurrency,
– the decentralized multi-node Block-Logic Network secured by the $BLTG currency;
– Block-Pay, Block-Purchase and Block-Play as industry standard transactions interfaces which can transact any cryptocurrency;
– Block-Logic Technology Group as a leader in the masternode community offering consultancy and licensing services;
– an ambassador program to assist with the adoption of cryptocurrency to the general public, businesses and organizations; and
– the highest levels of technical quality and customer care for all users of the Block-Logic Network.

PROJECT STATUS (updated 21/01/2019)

Wallet Graphics Update 2019 10%
Block-Logic Network: IPFS Storage – 25%
Block-Logic Network: SQL Database – 10%
Block-Pay | Block-Purchase | Block-Play – 5%
Ambassador Program – 85%
SWAP Process and Procedures – 100%
White paper release to public – 100%
Marketing and Bounty Program I – 97%
Update Website 2019 with IPFS Storage 33%




BLTG Token Economics

Coin Specifications
Maximum Supply: Infinite
Collateral: 12,000 BLTG
Swap Ratio: 1:1
Block Time: 60 Seconds
Reward per Block: 10 BLTG, decreasing by 1 every 6 months until max 5 BLTG is reached.
Difficulty Re-targeting: Every Block
Pre-mine (first 11 blocks): 33 Million.

23 million for swapping Bitcoin Lightning to Block-Logic
5 million for the Development Fund
5 million for Other Projects
See white paper for complete details. 

Reward Allocation
Masternode Rewards: 80%
Staking Rewards: 20%

*Infinite supply is needed due to a small number of coins being burnt with each transaction.  Market supply of BLTG will be actively managed to ensure price stability and growth. Reducing the rewards in 24 months will counter inflation and provide enough circulation supply to support transactions. See White paper for more details.


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