Vision Statement

Our vision is to combine the benefits of Blockchain and Distributed Technologies to empower consumers of our technologies with the tools to achieve their ambitions and goals.

About Block-Logic Technology Group

Block-Logic Technology Group (Block-Logic) was established 2018. Today the Block-Logic Committee consists of developers and team members from every corner of the globe, all working towards the Block-Logic vision.

Our vision is to combine the benefits of Blockchain and Distributed Technologies to empower consumers of our technologies with the tools to achieve their ambitions and goals.

By developing a revolutionary decentralised ecosystem built on these new generation technologies, Block-Logic will bring to market a distributed platform and set of products that are easy to access, consume, migrate to and simple to manage. Our solutions will allow comsumers to extend the use of these new generation technologies for business or personal use in ways that are not readily available today.

Block-Logic Logo

Block-Logic is building the next generation Peer-to-Peer Intelligent Data platform


Block-Logic is building the next generation Peer-to-Peer Intelligent Data Platform based on IPFS Technology. This Ecosystem will be backed by the following core services:



A method that allows consumers and businesses to store and retrieve their digital files in a safe, secure, encrypted manner. Block-Protect will offer mass storage solution for personal and businesses by providing a decentralised network based on IPFS technology.



A method that allows individuals and businesses to pay for goods with our native token (BLTG). Block-Pay will offer an easy to use solution to convert fiat to BLTG as well as major crypto to BLTG and vice versa.



A method for business to easily sell goods online. Block-Purchase provides a turn-key solution to allow any individuals and businesses to set up an online e-commence platform.

All services will be made accessible through industry standard Application Programming Interfaces (API), enabling the integration between not only products developed by Block-Logic but also partner's ecosystems and 3rd party developers.

Our target market is Individuals and Small to Medium Enterprises. With our vision of transforming blockchain and data storage into a readily accessible and easy to consume distributed platform we will aid customers in their journey of realising the security and benefits of this new generation technology.

Token Specification

Value Information
Masternode Collateral 12,000 BLTG
Ticker BLTG
Block Time 60 Seconds
Reward per Block 10
Difficulty Re-targeting Every Block
Pre-mine (first 11 blocks) 33 Million. Used for swapping Bitcoin Lightning to Block-Logic
Reward allocation Masternode Rewards: 80%, Staking Rewards: 20%
Reward modification period 6 months
SuperBlock 20% of block value (governance)

Reward Allocation Reduction

Every six months (or 262,080 blocks) the rewards per Block will be reduced by 1 until rewards per block are at 5. Rewards percentages for Masternodes, Staking and Governance will remain the same. It is expected that when the rewards are reduced to 5, the supply to the network will be sustainable and the increase or decrease of supply will be negligible to the number of tokens in circulation year on year. Block-Logic reserves the right to revisit and adjust the tokenomics annually.

Decentralised Network

Block-Logic will offer consumers and enterprises the benefits of a decentralised network

Discover more about Block-Logic in our White Paper

White Paper

Who is Block-Logic

If you would like t find out more information about Block-Logic, please download one of the paper below:

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Block-Logic consists of developers and team members from every corner of the globe.

Meet the team behind Block-Logic


Senior Developer

Chris is an experienced full-stack developer with extensive experience in blockchain development, security and Platform integration.


Senior Developer

Ricardo is an experience DevOps and I.T./infrastructure engineer with in-depth knowledge of blockchain, wallet and security.


Solutions Architect

Jarrad is a Solutions Architect and DevOps professional with over 15 years' experience in large scale projects and deployments.



Ralf brings over 30 years of management experience in banking, financing, leadership, entrepreneurship and startups.


Strategy Advisor

Jerry has over 20 years experience in Commercial and Investment Banking pragmatic business developer, and a relationship specialist, he excels at market analysis and growth.


Masternode Expert

Igor is a successful entrepreneur and brings extensive business and partner strategy, social media & crisis management skills to the project.

Global Ambassadors Program

Ambassadors are technology champions, who represent Block-Logic in their local region. They are involved raising awareness and consumer benefits of Block-Logics products like Blockfiniti to their communities. If you believe you have what it take to be a Block-Logic Ambassador then get in touch.


If you are interested in purchasing BLTG, you can do so at the following exchanges.

BLTG Token Burn - April 19

In efforts to adjust to the current market conditions, the Block-Logic committee team gathered to discuss BLTG's economical standings

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Block-Logic Technology Group Roadmap

Block-Logic team took a brief look at the past few months and highlight the team's vision for 2019 including information about our first commercial product.

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BLTG Token Management

As the new year approaches, the Block-Logic team would like to release a major announcement regarding the management of the BLTG Tokens held by the team.

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Block-Logic Corporate Identity

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